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Displace modifier doesn't work on the cube (2.91 version)

Hi there,

I believe I’m the first person asking this question because I can’t find the solution to it. 

I have encountered 2 issues:-

1.  My cube won’t change after using the displace modifier (Refer to 27:30 video time).

2.  I can't create my planet surface similar to the video (I have followed accordingly to the video instruction)

Below I have attached some screenshots for your reference. 

Thank you! 

Displace modifier:-

Planet surface:-

  • 1. You probably have your Displacement Texture set to Image or Movie (without specifying an image).

    Go to your Textures:

    Change the type from Image...:

    To another type:

    If that is not what your issue was, then maybe the size of your Texture is wrong.

    Haven't seen the video, so I can't answer your second question.

  • Hi Spikey,

    It worked!!! THANK YOU!!! :)