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Question about animation.

OK, so I tried blocking Stomp for the first time and it doesn't look as fluid. Is it alright if I take the final blocking shot and base the poses off that? I'm just asking because I'm concerned if I'll learn anything by copying poses instead of doing it myself.

  • crew

    Hi Quidy,

    You will learn by copying.  But you will learn more by doing it all yourself.  Even shooting the reference.

    It will take you longer, but you will learn much more.

    (and making mistakes is actually part of the learning too)

    However, before you jump into the body mechanics course, have you already taken the animation bootcamp?

    You will learn even MORE!

    Ok so I may have said "learn" quite a few times now, haha.

    PS: I'm serious about the animation bootcamp - you should take that if you haven't already, even if you think it's easy.......it's not!

    • Ah, ok. I understand now. I was actually going to add a little extra to the polishing stage that I will shoot a reference for. Thanks for your help! (and no, I haven't taken the animation bootcamp, I will once I have finished the project, as I have already done the blocking!) :)

    • crew

      Hey Quiders,

      If you haven't taken the bootcamp, I suggest doing that before you continue on the blocking.  It will still be there when you get back ;)

      Otherwise it will be like putting your shoes on before your socks.

      You will get to the end and go, "Oh if I did that in a different order it would have worked out better."

    • Ah, yes. I will do that. I'll put Stomps's jump on hold and try to finish the animation bootcamp. Thanks for the help! (btw, I've never had someone call someone call me Quiders but I guess there's a first for everything XD)

    • crew

      I've got nicknames for nicknames, Quidsie ;)