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Cycles Render is all Black

Hi jlampel

I have broken my submission horrifically just at the point I was going to submit it. All my cycles renders are now black . I checked the lights are on and they seem to be. I put a sun inside the room and it's still black. The render times are also massive even on 1 sample in viewport. 

Any ideas what I might have done wrong ?  I'd rather not lose what I've done. I could go through every object appending materials to a fresh copy of the file but that seems like overkill for what is probably a really stupid mistake. 

Thanks in advance for the help.


  • Slight update - I worked out that I had made a mistake with the texture on the lamp bulb. That gave some visual results but the sun is still not working and render times are still appalling. This is not something I have seen previously in any other Blender projects I have undertaken.
  • Update number 2 - The long render times appear to be caused by the array modifiers on the notebook page objects. 

    Neither the sun object nor the lamp bulb are giving me any real light though.

    I'm learning a lot while unpicking all this !  

  • And my mystery is now completely solved !  I had a displacement modifier on the chair cushions which for some reason was inflating the cushions so much that they blotted out all known light. I have never seen this happen before and the cushions looked just fine in Matcap view and Eevee. Anyway - I killed the displacement and problem solved. 

    And the horrific render was due to me adding a material to the notebook paper, which had an array modifier on it. The material was used twice on objects with array modifiers, each which had 75 iterations to the array. 

    Man I learned a lot today !  Delete this topic if you need to but I think it may assist other people who might see similar problems.

  • sounds like quite the adventure...

    just as you said you learned a lot, the topic should remain open in case someone else runs into such things...

    great that you got it all sorted out

  • crew

    Nice work solving the problem before I even saw it! If I had a dollar for every time I've caused something totally strange like this by accident without knowing what was going on, I could probably buy a boat. The key is to keep trying things to narrow down the source of the problem just like you did. Keep up the good work!