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Personal Project Critiques & some recommendations on what to work on next to improve 3d skills.

Hopefully this isn't too much of an info dump, but anyways;

           I'm pretty new to blender and I want to learn fast, however I do struggle with motivation like most people do. So to keep myself motivated I start trying to mod in assets for games I enjoy playing however this does come with its own issues since certain things I like to create are complex. An example being this headdress inspired by Maria Franz from Heilung

My reference:

My Work so far:

The Head model does not belong to me, Its from the Game Mount and Blade II Bannerlord I hope some day I can sculpt a human head atleast half as that well as this one, but I believe learning the fundamentals first will prove important as this headdress has been a challenge already. I would honestly just like some critique to improve what I have so far and what to do next to improve my 3d skills overall. Thanks in advance everyone.