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Sculpting mesh problems - vertices over vertices

Hey there

I'm kind of doing my own sculpting month with sculpting every day.

I use dynotopo with relative detail.

After some time especially when I try to smooth things, I get vertices that are laying above the vertices. And that makes ery ugly mistakes.

Does anyone know why this happends? What am I doing wrong or is there a way to fix this other than going into edit mode and deleting and merging them by hand? 

  • also its not double geometry- its just on certain spots

    - it appends after smoothign an darea and the working over it again.

  • okay found a fix with the help of another blender channel

    what they said:

    -Yes, this is a bug with dyntopo. It can be replicated by overlapping geometry and inflating it. 

    - To solve this do a VDB remesh at 1/(sculpting resolution *2) and you will lose no details, but it may take a while depending on resolution.

    -If your silhouette is looking good, I suggest using multi resolution instead of dyntopo.  After the VDB remesh, quad remesh and add a multi res modifier.  Multi res is more performant and easily bakes displacement maps.

    Tried this and worked :) 

    hope this helpes others too