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Can I work with version 2.9 or just start again with 2.8?

It seems I need a new revision for the revision... I have more options for hiding the collection and I can't add it after hiding. I can actually do what you did by playing around for a while...  But I can see I also have different options next to the items in the layout list. (Just a thick box and an eye.)

  • For the options in the Outliner you can open the Filter dropdown and choose what toggles you want to see:

    For the first part of your question;I will have to watch  the video first before I can understand it...

    • Thanks. Some more wandering around this panel could make some use. 3D drawing was my hobby 3-4 years ago. I totally forgot what can I do in this Outliner Panel. :)

  • In 2.91 you can hide/unhide a Collection from the View Layer by using the checkbox:

    This is exactly the same as right-clicking the Collection and under View Layer select Include or Exclude from View Layer:

    When you've hidden a Collection this way, you can press SHIFT+A > Collection Instance > ...   to add an instance of that hidden Collection

    • Aah... Now I see what I have done. 

      Video: 'Under Visibility... No. Sorry... Under View Layers...'   ...R E V I S I ON....

      I got stuck at Visibility. It's a little bit different, nevermind...  XD   

      Thanks for your help!