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Why does my subdivision modifier appear to ignore some creases?

I am applying the subdivision modifier to my low poly mesh, ready for baking. With every edge set to mean crease 1, I end up with this: 

Almost everywhere the creasing is working properly, but the subdiv is clearly ignoring it for the largest front face and in a few other places. 

Wherever this occurs, it looks as though the subdiv is resulting in 2 faces on top of each other with conflicting normals, as turning on face orientation looks like this:

Any ideas as to what could be causing this?

  • After thinking some more I realised that subdiv really wants to work with quads so I have started to cut up the n-gons around the problem areas and this is fixing the problem. I'm adding a few vertices to the model but I think I will live with that.
    • crew

      That would do it! Tris or quads help hold the perimeter in place. 

    • Oh you've made me realise, I removed the triangulation modifier when I added the subdiv, if I had just applied it instead I would never have had this problem, and I wouldn't have needed to add any vertices. Well I feel silly but at least I'll know for the future, thanks Jonathan.