Problems rotating the lid planks (about 7:21 in the Sharing objects... vid)

Hi, I was experimenting with trying to rotate the planks on the lid (about 7:21 in the vid) as I was planning to duplicate then rotate but having problems .   They don't line up even close when I put the cursor where you're saying and rotate on the x axis.  I also tried moving the cursor down a little on the z axis but still don't match up right.    I guess I must have changed them somehow along the process.  I went ahead and mirrored all but the top  2 planks & modeled the cracks & bumps/scrapes on those so I could continue with the course, but I am hoping someone can shed some light on what I've done for learning purposes.  Thanks!

Here's my file before i started mirroring or rotating.

  •  I guess I must have changed them somehow along the process

    Indeed; your top is no longer cylindrical, but squashed on the Z-axis:

    I've added a Cylinder, so you can see the difference in height. You can also look at the Dimensions in the N-panel; the Z should be half the Y (Dimension), so: about 1.25 and not 1.05.

    • THANKS  Spikey!!   I figured that was it.   Scratching my head tho on  how I would have changed that.  I certainly didn't intend to .   I looked at the files & the top brackets were showing 1.06 on z way back at the beginning so somehow when  I created the  cylinder I must have inadvertently squashed it somehow.   Gonna go back and recreate the chest including the lid and everything  but not the wear n tear.   I'm hoping I can just use the one i have to finish the course.  

    • Yeah, keep the damaged planks and move them to the side. Then create a new lid with undamaged planks  and transfer the damage by selecting a new plank and then SHIFT selecting a damaged one and CTRL+L > Object Data

    • THANKS !!!   Love this!!  Much better than my plan!  :-)