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Hey there, tried recreating what I saw on the video in Blender 2.91 as best I could, but hit an odd snag with colors not working correctly, how do I fix this?

Hey, I've linked my blender project so everyone can see what I've done


  • crew

    Found it! It was just this node missing a connection:

    • Hey, thanks for that, it worked perfectly! I've come across another issue, the Reflection Tint isn't functioning as intended, also is the blackish circle inside just something unavoidable?

      Huge THANKS in advance :)

  • There's a couple things I've found that I'm pretty sure I've screwed up with:

    1. the shader has no reflections for objects in the scene

    2. If Alpha hashed fix is on, then anything with the same shader disappears or becomes hard to see



  • crew
    • Reflection Tint: What black-ish circle are you seeing?  It seems to be working fine in the file you sent. 
    • Reflections: This also seems fine in your file. If you're mixing in the glossy shader based on the Fresnel value after the dispersion then you should be fine. It might just not be obvious in your scene because it'll only be screen space reflections and only along the edges. 
    • Alpha Hashed Color Fix: Your mix node there and the mix node right above it in the Edge fix need to be set to pure white in order for it to work correctly. This could explain the incorrect darkening. If the glass shader's color is set to a greyscale value, the color fix should have zero effect. 

    Hope that helps! 

  • Hey there, here's a test render of the Glass Shader in action:

    The model is from Blendswap, here's the link https://www.blendswap.com/blend/13489

    If you look at the control stick outwards, there's some weird pixelation occurring, is there any way to fix that?

    Also, if you turn off softshadows, you get this:

     I'm guessing this is to do with Transparency, upping the shadow resolution sort of helps, but there is a limit

    Is there a way to blur this out? Softshadows just hides it

  • crew

    If you look at the control stick outwards, there's some weird pixelation occurring, is there any way to fix that?

    For this use case you could try removing the inner refraction - that will get rid of the 'double-vision' side effect. 

    Is there a way to blur this out? Soft shadows just hides it

    Alpha hashed shadows work by sampling, similar to Cycles, but for each pixel of the shadow map. The only real way to blur it would be to use soft shadows (how is hiding it different in practice?). Increasing the resolution and increasing the number of samples also helps, but as you mentioned only up to a point.