Chris Vkr (parseq)

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How would you do something like this with bones?

Is it even possible to do this with bones?

  • crew

    Hi Chris,
    I haven't watched this course, however, everything is possible to do bones (in fact something like this should be rigged in bones in my opinion).

    I can't give you step by step instructions for this but to point you in the general direction, here's some notes.

    -create a bone for each empty.
    -geometry parts can be parented to the bones instead of the empties.
    -any parenting shown with the empties, will be the same on the bones
    -turn on the bone axes to help with any constraint differences (bones have a different default orientation to empties)

    -watch out for any dependency cycles. Like if the geo is dependant on the armature, then the armature can't be dependant on the geo.
    (I mention this because I think Chris Khun uses a shrink wrap constraint and this will cause issues). To work around this you might need a second armature which is dependant on the control armature. That way the control armature is at the top of the hierarchy and there won't be a dependency cycle

    I hope this helps you out.