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Generated Rig Issues

Hey everyone,

Having some issues with my generated human meta rig. The primary point I'm looking at is the knees. No matter where I rotate the knee joint before generating, once generated the Z axis is set pointing to the middle of the mesh. Then in pose mode when I grab the foot and move it up the z axis, the knee is forced to the side rather than move vertically with the foot. Any help will go a long way.


  • This is the basic human metarig right? there should be a Ik pole behind the ankle, a round ball with arrows. It looks like it has been adjusted when the bone rolled. I guess you could always just tweak it manualy, but  thats just a band aid. not really sure why generating the rig would result in the axis changing even if the bones are inheriting it. 

  • Yes its the human meta rig from rigify