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Weird shading on main panel

First of all great tutorial. A bit fast, but straight to the point. 

I have a question regarding a surface finish I have on one of the models. I have decided to not get distracted by it during the tutorial and I am most probably going to re-do this tutorial, so hopefull this issue will not occur anymore. Can you pls have a look at the screengrab and let me know what might have casued it? I have fixed the normals on all the models so that they face the correct way, I have even played with adding extra sharp edges, but still no joy.

  Thank you in advance and keep up the good work guys.

  • Looks like you are using smooth shading, I believe the tutorial is flat shaded. My understanding with hard surface modelling is mostly flat shading is used, in object mode right click and choose shade flat.

    All the weird shaped faces, Ngons, will cause the funky shading isuues.

    Hope this helps, have a cookie.

  • YESSSSS!!! thank you so much for the reply. It has fixed it. I did have smooth shading on that item and changed to flat shaded. All OK now.