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i dont know why but the baking is not working

i have followed this tutorial every step but i can't seem to get the baking to work it gives me a  transparent image btw its my first time baking so i might have missed something obvious 

additional info:

my specs are ryzen 2700x  16gb ram and a gtx 1070 ti

so i think my pc should handle it

thanks in advice and merry christmas

here is the project file

  • The link to your file gives an 'Access denied' error. You need to tell Google that everybody with the link can access the file; this is no longer the default!

    • okay i think i  fixed it the google drive i mean not the baking

    • The link works now :) 

      You are baking the Emit Pass, but there is no Emission Shader in your Node Tree. You need to plug the Displacement (in this case the Math Node) into an Emission Shader (or Viewer Node). You can disconnect the Principled Shader and the Displacement (from the Displacement socket in the Output Node) like this:

      Make sure the Image Texture Node where you want to bake to is selected and press Bake.

      (In the video Kent mentioned this at 3:45)

      I've tested it on a 32 bit 4K map (because my computer couldn't handle the 8K image) to make sure that you didn't make any other mistakes and it seemed to work all right.

    • thx it worked