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is there any update version fro this lesson?

using Blender 2.9 and I can't even follow it :( 

everything looks so different.

  • I don't think CGC has done a full 2.8+ animation course yet. However, you can always download 2.78 from the Blender site and install it alongside 2.9.

    Once you've familiarized yourself with the tools and workflow in 2.78 it will be a lot easier to transition what you've learned to 2.9. A lot of the learning ends up being just knowing the terminology and what to look for.

    Hopefully a new animation series is in the works!

  • crew

    Hi Neil,

    Don't look too closely at the UI, focus more on the method (which is still very much the same).

    You might be struggling with the copy and mirror pasting the poses, which no longer has a button in the UI but rather a hotkey.

    To copy a pose, select the control in the viewport, then copy it with Control C.
    Go to another frame (if necessary) then mirror paste it with Control Shift V
    A normal paste is just Control V.

    Bear in mind the mouse must be in the viewport for this to work. If it's in another window it will copy and paste different data.  

    Hope that helps.

  • I wasn't struggling with the copy and paste.

     I couldn't find  how to render the two camera view in blender 2.9. I guess the tools are still there somewhere but in different location.

    I'll look it up somewhere else maybe under video editing tutorials over here or Youtube.

    Thanks anyway. :)

  • crew

    That all works the same Neil.
    I wonder if the issue is related to the other question you posted (about the constraints)

    If you are still having issues can you be more specific about the problem and I'll get you back on track :)