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Marking sharp...

Once upon a time...

... it was frowned upon to rely on marking edges sharp. I believe this was due to the way it behaved in other programs if you were working on a project with others. Is that no longer the case. Very awesome if that's been rectified

  • As I understand it, you do not want to use edge sharpening/crease weights if you're going to export the model as there's nothing that supports it at this time and is software-specific.  If you are going to export and import the model into another program but want to keep the "sharp" things, then using holding edges is the way to go.

  • So more geometry still wins out over "make sharp" then. Bummer. Glad I asked

    • It's the most reliable way as of right now.  But, if you're keeping it all in one program, then go ahead and use it.  Or if you're making a high poly version to then bake down into a normal map, you can "save" the edge creases in a way by baking out as a normal map.

    • crew

      I think there's a misunderstanding here between creasing and marking sharp. Creasing is only for subdiv objects. Adding more geometry via holding edges is indeed preferred over creasing in most cases since it usually looks better and creases are not guaranteed to work in other software. 

      Sharp edges, however, are entirely different and are not tied to subdiv. They're splitting the normals as shown in this video, which is a core idea in computer graphics and something pretty much every 3D software out there supports. I would say custom sharp edges are encouraged, not frowned upon! 

    • Oh, I apologize.  Now that you mention it, sharp edges are a separate thing.  I misunderstood what was being asked.  Thanks for clearing that up.

    • jlampel ... gonna take a bit to find which vid/tut this question belongs to, but you'll have to excuse the question as it was referring to something I was trying to remember from years ago (yeah, that's how long I've shelved this wonderful program. I forget who made the reference (Kent Trammell or Jonanthan Williamson - yeah THAT long ago). Anyway, it might have been "creasing" that they were referring to. And, maybe... just maybe I need to pay a wee bit more attention to the information you go through. And yes, I enjoy how you lay it out and explain it. Thank you for clearing up the confusion.

      and silentheart00 ... thank you for chiming in also. That's what I love about this community, everybody is willing to come forward and help. The support is well worth the membership right there. (*end of CGCookie commercial advertisement*)

    • crew

      gonna take a bit to find which vid/tut this question belongs to

      It's linked to at the top of this thread. Glad to help! 

    • jlampel  Ugggghh... that's entirely embarrassing

      *crawls back under a rock*