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HDRI environment showing up in render

How dost one get rid of the HDRI image in the render?

  • You can set the Film to transparent in the Render Tab:

    Then you can combine that with any background you like in the Compositor.

    Or you can use the 'Is Camera' output of a Light Path Node as Factor of a Mix RGB Node in the Shader Editor (set to World), something like this:

    Or you can block the view with a large Plane or so.

    I'm sure there are more ways, but these are quite common I think.

  • Thank you spikeyxxx. I now have and "alpha" background checkerboard. Haven't the foggiest how to implement the compositor. And being a node newbie, not even sure how to get that to appear. Eventually I'll figure all this out. As I always say, "One disaster at a time."

  • spikeyxxx... have you any idea how much time I spent looking at the "Texture Node Editor", trying for the life of me to figure out why I couldn't get any nodes to show up there. At least an hour fiddling with this, clicking that, all to no avail. I was beside myself. Then I read your post again with fresh eyes just now --- "Shader Editor". It took a little adjusting of the background strength to get brightness the same, but what a difference it makes when you sleep on a problem (and read properly).

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

  • Is there a way to save that conglomeration of noodles so one doesn't have to constantly retrace these steps?  I mean repetition is good for the soul, but at this rate, I'll have first class tickets to heaven.

    • You can make it into a Node Group. You'll have to look up a tutorial, but in a nutshell:

      Select the Nodes you want to save:

      CTRL+G gives you something like this:

      This is the group's Edit can change names in the N-panel...Then Tab to get out of the Edit Mode:

      You now have a single Node that you can access with SHIFT+A > Group:

      Give it a Fake User. Save the File so you can link it in or append it whenever you need it, or if you know that you will use this a lot, you can for instance append when opening a new File and then go to File > Defaults > Save Startup File.

      There is also an Addon: Node Presets, but I haven't used that yet...looks promising though!