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Chronicling the learning curve...

Well... life does take it's twists and turns and I've finally landed back here again. Essentially starting over. This is not like riding a bike it would seem. Oh don't get me wrong, I still remember some of the hotkeys and tricks of doing certain things. But, dear gawd another update to get used to. lol. It seems like last time I was here I was bucking leaving 2.79 behind for 2.80 and EEVEE. Now I've got 2.91 on my poor laptop and hitting the ground once again. And yes, starting from the beginning courses (the rocket). Hopefully, some of these will be more of a refresher than scratching my head. Certainly hoping to get more involved in the community.

Any change in Sketchfab. Last I looked (quite some time ago), it was essentially no longer a free sight. Guess I'll find out when it comes to submitting the first exercise. So many new things (tuts) out there. In other words, a lot of "bright shinys" to distract me from going through the learning flows. lol.

*straps on blinders*

  • 15Dec 2020

    Term of the day “scrubber doohickey”. Loving the rocket course all over again. Oh my?!? The things we learn by mistake. Animating the camera, I unfortunately had both objects chosen when I inserted keyframes, which made it difficult to change things. Then didn’t realize to delete keyframes, one needed to have the pointer hovering in the timeline. And rather than “undoing” all the steps, I deleted the camera and inserted another and had to set it up again. I guess on a positive note, I’m getting better at positioning the camera. lol.

    Well, I thought I’d be smart and use a pentagon(5-sided circle) as an emitter. Took 15 minutes trying to figure out how to emit something other than a single stream of particles. Decided to follow the tut, and used a plane. Not sure why it didn’t work. So much for trying to be smart.

    Good grief… 3 minutes per frame = 12.5 hours to render this puppy. Was hoping to post this tomorrow, but it’ll take two nights of rendering to get it completed. Oh well, I guess that’s’ motivation to check out render farms and possibly new equipment. Nonetheless, I had fun doing this again.

  • 16Dec2020

    Uploaded my YouTube file, but it doesn't show a thumbnail pic to know what a person is looking at. How might one go about fixing that?

    Anyway... I was surprised that it rendered over the evening (and a bit more into the day - but it's done). There's an artifact flicker on the side of launchpad that I can't figure out. It doesn't show while it's rendering. Also I notice that the smoke plume dissipates too quickly just as the rocket is taking off. That's a tweak that will have to accomplished later (I hate my potato of a laptop - but it gets the job done for now). Let the critiquing begin....

    ... and I'm off to the next lesson.

  • Welcome back Scott , good to see you are jumping straight back in again! 

  • yes it is cyclical... wash   (out the old), rinse (make sure it's gone), repeat (til it's all shiny new)...

    welcome back

  • 16Dec2020 (revisited)

    Oh dear gawd?!? Modeling with primitives sucks (censor…censor…censor). Granted, I probably went a little OCD on this. I went so far as to model belt loops which I’m guessing aren’t even in the scene.

    Still don’t know how to get rid of the HDRI background stuff from the render (using EEVEE). Thank god for EEVEE, otherwise this scene would’ve taken forever to render. I faked it and covered up the HDRI with a ground plane, but there has to be a better way.

    This was fun… challenging… AND I DON’T WANT TO HAVE TO MODEL IN PRIMITIVES AGAIN!!! You hear me Jonathan? lol.

    Here's my first shot...

    ... and I couldn't resist. I just had to take a shot of this before I fixed my mistake. I did the above scene first and then hid it to model what he is feeding. Unfortunately fro this poor guy, I forgot to ummm... well, I think you can figure out where I went wrong. lol.

    Kinda makes Alfred Hitchcock's thriller "The Birds" look like a petting zoo adventure. Here's the finished project.

  • 17Dec2020

    Well…after all the snafus with HDRI, and nodes and stuff (and thanks to spikeyxxx for the help), I move forward with my overactive imagination. I present to you… Punk Monkey. This is Suzanne’s roudy sister - Suzette.

    So many changes or at least stuff that I didn’t realize existed. Granted I’ll never remember all the stuff Jonathan is throwing out there right now, but at least I’ve seen it once and it’s in the back of my ind somewhere. “Q” quick favorites I can see being very useful.

    A robot? From the default cube… glory of glories that little guy has finally found it’s purpose in life. This putzing around is learning in and of itself. Just gotta be patient with it.

    i, robot...

  • 18Dec2020

    Outset?!? Who knew?

    Knife tool… having issues with the cut jumping back to a previous original vertex. Oddly annoying, but was able to work my way around the issue. And grasshopper discovers the Annotate tool - drawing a face on the pumpkin prior to knifing it. And realizes that “E” works much easier than “confirming and starting a new knife” each time.

    Here’s a pumpkin - per Jonathan’s orders. Lol. I decided to leave the background HDRI in this one. It seemed to go with the theme. Having a little fun with the knife tool - among other things.

    Amazingly, I get a lot out of the questions and answers that are given in these tuts. Rule of thumb… never be afraid to ask anything. Chances are, someone else has had the same issue and you’ve just solved it for them. Those Google search questions people tend to be a bit rude in their answers. Everyone here is very helpful and more than willing to help. I appreciate it.

    Sci-fi crate… the infamous (often deleted upon sight) default cube again gets showcased. *much rejoicing*

    I added a control panel, screen, tweaked the side where it’s lifted, and added a locking mechanism for the latch with a set of bolts. ‘twas interesting trying to get a mirror modifier on the bolts so I only had to model one head, move it, then duplicate it. Finally got it figured out. All in all, liked the project.

  • 19-20Dec2020

    Save Default settings… that will be a big help.

    Oh my?!? Model a room… where I reside… Oh, that’s not going to be pretty. I run a motel (that is mostly non-business anymore - thank you COVID), and I live in the office, which is small, cramped and cluttered. A model Mr. Lampel wants - a model he shall get. Don’t judge me… judge the render. lol.