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Using Blender to bring some of my crazy ideas to life....

So my Wife is very much into crafting with resin at the moment , and she has learned a lot about the art of it and the processes involved. I wanted to have a go at it too, so with her help on the resin side ,  I have decided to combine my Blender skills and job as an Engineer to try and create a few unique objects in real life and maybe even sell a few along the way.

My first project I have named "Sunk" . The idea was to create some sort of lamp  , that mimics looking through the porthole of a sunken ship , and seeing something swim past.  My first version will feature a mechanical style fish which will be cast in resin. A strip of hidden LED lights  will illuminate the fish (hopefully)  

So , I threw together a fairly quick visualisation of my idea in Blender and this is what I came up with :