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Is this a restart of the older course?

Hello everyone! After completing one of the most basic Blender courses (not from CG Cookie), I decided that I'm ready to create a 3D model of my own. It was a stylized dog from the reference image. Unfortunately I got stuck when I had to make some more complex shapes (like paws and face). And when I started messing around with editing mesh using vertices, everything became really complicated and the topology started to look awful. So I got lucky and stumbled upon Jonathan's course Blender Mesh Modeling Bootcamp. When I decided to take it, I was a little confused to see that it's for the older version of Blender. Then I found this course. And what I can't really understand is whether this course is a restart of the Bootcamp? Am I going to find what I'm looking for here?

  • crew

    Hey, good question! This is actually to replace the original Modeling Fundamentals course, but I also expanded on it quite a bit and added several concepts from the bootcamp that I thought should be taught earlier on. That way, when I make an updated modeling bootcamp, I can cover more topics than in the last one. In the meantime though, I'd recommend watching this one first and then the bootcamp second once you're comfortable enough with Blender to overlook the version difference, since the overlap is minimal after the first chapter.