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Questions / suggestions regarding CG Cookie website functionality!


I'm new here, therefore I would first like to say how pleasantly I'm surprised with everything. Courses seem excellent, and that's the main reason I came here, but community also seems very supportive and quick to give help when necessary. Also, I think that you did great job with website design and functionality, but still, I've noticed two little details that I believe could be improved. Or maybe I'm missing something and there is a way to do what I want? If so, please tell me how! :-)

So, first suggestion is related to notifications. When I click on the notification I expect that will turn it off automatically, but  it doesn't happen and it always flashes in top-right corner. As far as I can see, I need to click that little circle next to notification each time.  I find that a bit unintuitive, but I can't seem to find the way to make notifications behave differently? As far as I can see, the only other way to turn them off is to mark them all as read. Is there maybe way to make them turn off once I click them?

Second question / suggestion is related to video streaming quality. When I go to app settings, there is for instance option to select default video speed, which I find quite helpful since I almost always watch videos at 1.25x speed.

But, although I would expect to find it here, there is no option to set default video streaming quality. In my scenario that would be very helpful because while I'm working in Blender on big full HD screen, I'm watching your tutorials on smaller HD screen. Since my internet connection is fast enough, videos by default always play in fullHD, but that's in fact not good when watching on HD since the letters become blurred. Therefore, whenever I play new video, each time I have to set streaming quality to 720p.

So, is there maybe somewhere setting to set default streaming quality? If not, I believe that would be very useful function to add.

Thanks! :-)