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A bit of information on the creases.

The Zygote map you were looking at is a bit simplified. I was curious and took a look at an anatomy book (anatomy for sculptors) myself to see what was going on. The trapezius actually looks like two diamonds with a rectangle attaching them. One big one that connects the neck to the edge of the  Scalpula. And also attaches to the spine. The diamond on the neck is a formation of tendons in which the muscle is attached to. So those are flat. And the bump is the 7th vertebrae. The trap is connected to the spine of the scapula on the top to a certain point. And partly on the edge. And the shoulder blade is covered by the Rhomboid muscle.

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    Hi tangletail - Excellent breakdown of the back muscles. Thanks for sharing!

    If you're interested in deeper anatomy you may be interested to know that I'm recording a new course about creating realistic portraits with far more emphasis on anatomy. It's going to be *dense* to say the least.

    Here's a portrait I've created as part of my research and development for the course.