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Texturing Course?

In this video, you said you'd be posting the texturing course for this model as a separate course. Is this still planned, or did I miss where it was posted? If it's not still planned, would your other texturing and shading tutorials be sufficient to teach the skills to do it on our own?


  • crew

    I did plan it initially but this course hasn't been very popular so the texturing course dropped off the priority list. Most of the information needed to texture a robot character like this can be found in this course. Only caveat is that course teaches Blender + Substance.

    That said I would still like to revisit this project to teach the texturing portion. If I continue to get questions like yours I will try to make it happen (and all in Blender)!

    PS: Since this course wasn't so popular, I'm curious to hear what you think of it when you finish.