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Is unmodified subdivision considered as Low Poly?

Instead of modifier version, whenever I use an object as a cube and subdivided five times with the "w" hotkey. Then use "shade smooth" under object drop-down menu to smoothen both vertices and faces.

Are there different ways to make low poly subjects without using the  subdivison  modifier?

  • Lo poly is a modeling mindset rather than 1 specific method. You can do many, many things with a lo poly workflow and these tools are probably good to consider:
    use modifiers,
    sculpt and then retopologize over the top using surface snapping,
    start with single vertices and extrude vertices and lines,

    manually subdivide faces,

    create loop cuts with Ctrl + R,

    inset faces,

    bevel edges,

    make use of subdivision modifier and other modifiers,

    decimate high poly objects or remesh them with lower poly remeshing options/add-ons: voxel and quad remesh are built in but many more exist.

    use boxcutter or other add-ons and cut away geometry or create geometry.

    All of these tools (and more) allow you to build lo poly objects and characters.