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BlenderMarket Black Friday Sale

Just FYI the Blender Market is having their annual Black Friday sale!

I am somewhat of an add-on junkie so I have been making my list and checking it twice.
So far these are the add-ons I plan on getting:
Kit-Ops Pro 2 (and maybe KitOps Batch)

UV Toolkit

Gizmo 3D Cursor

Gizmo Pro

Seams Around Selection


Speedflow (and maybe the training course)

Bake Tool

Angle Tool

Most add-ons and assets are 25% off.

Of the add-ons I already Own I love the following and use them often:

HardOps/BoxcutterUltimate Bundle

Fluent PowerTrip Pro


Layer Painter

Pivot Transform

Retopoflow 3

Decal Machine

Mesh Machine

Machine Tools
UVPackmaster Pro 2

Kamikaze Shader

I also got the AutoRig Pro but just purchased a training course because I have not made the time for it.......yet (but it's definitely in my plans).