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How to unlink objects?

Great tutorial, bevel weight + subsurf workflow, screw modifier, curve and bolt factory in one modeling practice! 

However if I want to export to Substance Painter, I have to apply tons of modifiers and unwrap a master UV for the entire lamp.

But I can't apply modifiers to some parts since they are linked duplicates.

Is there a way to unlink objects? I've tried the object drop down menu and there's only "Make Links". 

Thank you! 

  • Hey Benjamin, thanks for watching!

    The way that I've gone about it in the past is with having the linked object selected, go to the Object Properties tab (green triangle in the properties panel), and at the top it will show you the Mesh Data-Block's name.

    To the right of the name, there should be a number which indicates the number of objects instancing this mesh data. If you click on that number, you will make it a unique mesh which will essentially "un-link" it.

    I'm not sure if there is a quicker way to go about it, but I do know that his way works. Hopefully that helps out, let me know if you're still having any trouble and thanks again for checking out the tutorial!

    Chunck :)

    • Thank you! I thought it may work like materials so I checked Object Properties tab and found nothing. Can't imagine it's actually in Object Data Properties!

      I also found another way when waiting for your reply, which is Object Dropdown Menu -> Relations -> Make Single User -> Objects & Data. It's a slower approach but at least  finally lets me finish the lamp (CG Cookie Project Page).

      Modeling & unwrapping took me more than 6 hours but I did learn a lot during this process. I'm going to check out other tutorials of  your Let's build it series. I wish more people could take your tutorial since practice is equality important as understanding theories.

    • Happy to help! And neat, I didn't know about that way!

      It's all about learning the process, you'll quickly shave off that time before you know it! Make sure to check out the final video of this season when it releases next Wednesday (Dec. 2), and always feel free to leave a comment because I try to answer them all!

      -Chunck :)

    • Of course, I will definitely check the final video next week! 

      Also can you provide CGCookie resource link of Halloween Jack-o-Lantern Costume?  The link in Pavla Karon's article is pointing to  Witch Ingredients on a Shelf. I left a comment under the article but didn't receive her reply. 

      And I've found Make Single User->Objects & Data can unlink multiple duplicates at once so it is faster in some situation.

      I'll be asking at least one question per video, some of them may relate to model optimization (like Bonsai tree), so try not to be pissed :3

    • Oh, thanks for letting me know! I will try and get that updated asap. In the meantime, here you are!

      That sounds way faster, I'll have to do some experimentation with that to see the time increases, thanks for that! And ha, no worries at all. I'm happy to assist, helps me learn new things too, so bring it on!

      -Chunck :D