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Keying set failed to insert any keyframes

every time I try to insert a key frame using 'I', I get the error "Keying set failed to insert any keyframes". I haven't (knowingly) changed any settings, what could it be?

edit - I have managed to add a keyframe by changing some settings, but I don't get that menu you show when you press 'I'. I am using BLender 2.83

  • I can reproduce that error by ...

    1) ... activating "Automatic Keyframing" (button with a filled circle in the "Timeline Editor Header" must be pressed (=blue))

    2) ... setting "Auto Keyframing" to "Replace"  (keyframes can only be set on frames with an existing keyframe so that the new keyframe is used instead of the old one):

    3) .... setting the "Timeline Playhead" to a frame without a keyframe

    4) ... and pressing "I" for a manual keyframe insertion resulting in the error message mentioned above:

    You could nevertheless manually add a keyframe with "I" on a frame with an existing keyframe.

    If you set "Automatic Keyframing Mode" in Step 2 to "Add & Replace" instead, you can manually add keyframes with "I" on all frames no matter whether there's already a keyframe or not: