Why the file size of the video is so huuuuuge?

Hello CGCookie.

This first videoclip of lesson_01  takes 752 MBytes and is 17 Minutes. That's by far too much and is no need for doing so. Most of other videos are like that.

I'm sure that reducing the bitrate to usual size won't have too big impact on the video quality. This video could be seen with nearly no difference when compacted to a size of 20-50 MBytes or much less.

Let's do some raw, approximated calc.
This introductory clip is 17:40 length or 17*60+40 = 1060 Seconds.
The size is 752 MBytes. Means each seconds go 752/1060=~5 ,6 MBytes per Second or

5,6*8 =~ 45 MBits/s.

This is the payload only. Multiply with 1.5-2 for the overall bitrate.

According to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bit_rate for HD Videos a rate of 4.5 Mbit/s is good.

Who the heck needs such rate? Ok, there maybe other people which needs 4k or 8k videos. This also means that customers with a 2Mb/s wire has to wait half eternity until stream buffers are filled up. (Yes, there are still a lot of people with such limited access).

I suggest to reduce the bitrate of all your videos to a reasonable value suited for the average. The average watches at 4k or 8k? Then offer alternative files download with a reduced bitrate. Download is faster and not so expensive.

... and of course you'll save a  lot of REAL plants ;-)

I pay 10 Euros for 2GB download with my mobile rate. So this video costs me (752MB / 2048MB) * 10 Euros ~ 3,72 Euros. Only for the Lesson 01. That's too expensive.  And of course the picture jerks around and download takes much more time.

Thank you.

Edit: Shame on me. The operation above is wrong. It should be: 752/1060=~0,56 MBytes/sec. Sorry.

  • 752MB/1060s =  0.709 MB/s

    0.709 MB/s x 8bit = 5.675 Mbit/s

    I think that's perfectly fine for a 1080p video though I would agree that they could probably lower the amount to around 3mbit due to the static nature of tutorial videos. 

    Either way you are put in a bad situation with that slow download speed and price per GB.

  • crew

    My apologies for the inconvenience. We use Wistia for video hosting which does compression and download offering automatically. I've never seen this be an issue before...Let me get in touch with our web dev, nphaskins to see if he has any ideas.

  • That's the situation. Stuck on a public location with wifi for 2 hrs and still on the 4th Video.
    Look at the size and length. Thank you for checking.

    I must admit, I did the wrong calc in the last post. Anyway seems to me that the size is too big.

    Here another course with a pretty acceptable size. It works.

  • crew

    Hey there, apologies for the heavy lifting on the video downloads. 

    I wanted to chime in with some backstory as to why you're experiencing this. When you download a video from the video player, you're downloading the original we upload by nature how it's setup. While we compress it on our end, our host, Wistia does a bang-up job squeezing it further for streaming across various internet speeds. 

    Moving forward, with Mavenseed (A platform we're building/migrating to), it will instead choose a much more sensible 1080 version to download. I'm hoping we'll be on the new platform in early Q1 of 2021. 

    Having said that, I spoke with Nick our application engineer, and he's snuck in a code change that will change the HD download to the more sensible high-quality HD video.  This is expected to go out early next week. 

    In the meantime, if you're able to get some videos downloaded to keep you busy, I'll update this thread once it goes out. 


    p.s. Thanks for being here! What are you most interested in learning/accomplishing as a Citizen of the cookie? 

  • Many thanks. I don't want to bother you with this. It is possible that this fact has not been noticed and most members who are connected to the Internet by cable may not notice it. If the community can live with it, I can ultimately do with a little effort.

    >>p.s. Thanks for being here! What are you most interested in learning/accomplishing as a Citizen of the cookie? 

    I am interested in creating architecture pictures mainly.