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SomeBaldViking's Polybook

Let's start at the beginning with the primitive challenge. 

  • Action pengu! Nice and dynamic!

  • That looks so sweet :) 

    Great start!

  • Haha , cool penguin! Great work. 

  • It reminds me of the penguin on Wallace and Gromit's "The Wrong Trousers" haha.

    Way to start off with a nice and fun model. I'm excited to see your skills improve over time. Remember to be patient with the process. 

  • The hell? Do we have spam in here?

    • Yeah, very annoying, right?

      I tried to 'report' one of those once, but that was rejected as spam (probably because i used the word 'spam' in the message...).

    • Haha, suddenly I have the image of some sketch where someone enters a police station and says "I'd like to report a burglary" to which the officer on duty answers "Right! That's it!". "What?". "I'm arresting you!".  "Why?". "Because you just used the word burgl... Wait. Can't say that myself now can I?"

    • I report them all the time. Spam bots are everywhere these days. I hope when the website moves over to mavenseed next year we will see an improvement in the forum.

      all of my reportings have had a friendly response from the CGCookie crew.

      Just get used to seeing them every now and then and report them when you see them. Looking forward to your next work somebaldviking 

    • I just reported the person

    • Just a bit of an updated. I've already been working on this before last weekend and still need to finish it to get 50 objects in there. I'm juggling a full time job with my Blender courses and also an Unreal C++ course on Udemy. (Sorry CGcookie peeps.... for now I've chosen to get my hands on Unreal instead of Unity. Would love to follow Unreal courses here if you had them though.)

    • Very nice room layout. I think the brick helps keep the eyes entertained.

      I too juggle a full time job. I think of this as more of a therapeutic way to relax after a long day at work. It takes a while to get projects done because it is only a hobby but I am okay with that most days. Just remind myself to be patient and greatness will come with each step.

      Unreal and Unity are just a means to an end. Either are great I hear. You must be taking the courses on Unreal? Or are you following other instructors?

    • I'm following them on Udemy as the company I work for has a business account there but it's the same one from 

      I have a bit mixed feelings about the main instructor. It's the same guy doing the famous Blender course on Udemy.  He seems like really nice guy but I actually I dropped out of that one because the pace was a bit too slow with convoluted explanations for the simplest things while brushing past anything even slightly more complicated.  Also  the challenges are rather boring. Leaves you with the feeling of all those hours of listening and now I am able to create my own cube?!

      The Unreal C++ course started off with another instructor and then one chapter in this dude suddenly took over. Again very slowly paced giving the hows but he constantly neglects to explain the whys. When he does attempt the whys it's poorly explained. It often leaves me with the feeling that I only got 10% of a why explained.  So I'm constantly looking for better explanations on YouTube for some quite essential things.

    • Yeah I got their character modeling for blender course on Udemy it is taught by Grant Abbit. He is a blender guru and has a ton of content on his youtube channel. I bought that to just give back and it is nice to brush up on the basics. I mostly watch it while getting ready in the morning to reinforce lessons already learned. Game dev topics are usually hard to learn I have found. The CGCookie crew usually does a decent job at explaining things though. I get a lot more of my "Why" questions answered in the courses here and in the forums. But that doesn't mean I don't go to youtube or other places often.

      But yes the unreal content here is still barebones. They just got a grant from the Unreal devs recently so that may possibly make a change to content creation here on the unreal side of things.