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Solution to an issue with mirroring


Not a question but I'm sharing a fix to an issue I struggled a while to solve:

Issue : flip-pasting from 'foot_IK.R' to 'foot_IK.L' (as shown beginning at 3:45 in the video) was working but as soon as I moved away from the current frame 'foot_IK.L' was reversing to where it was before the flip-paste.
Fix : set the 'Active Keying Set' in the Timeline window to 'Available' (mine was set to something else).

I thought it might help others (and a note to myself : study a bit closer how exactly these 'keying sets' work !)

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  • crew

    The trick with the 'available' keying set is that it needs to already have channels that it can key into.  It will only set keyframes if the animation channels already have data on them.  This can cause issues when you are trying to mirror paste.

    My usual way of working (which is no more or less correct that other people's way) is to key all the channels first, and then switch to 'available' and delete any that I don't need along the way.

    Hope that makes sense.