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Modeling of indentations at "CGC Shader Totem"

theluthier  How did you model the indentations at the base of the "CGC Shader Totem"?

  • crew

    Wasn't too tricky: Fairly straight forward low-poly modeling then tightened the edges with 2 bevel segments before adding subsurf. The key was to start with a lot of circular segments so the tight edges / corners wouldn't pinch when smoothed.

    Does that answer the question or does something seem particularly mysterious?

    • Thank you, theluthier! I've marked the areas where I'm wondering how to do this most efficiently and without pinching:

      I think that it's especially a question of which edges are beveled when. Above all the modeling of the topology in the lower yellow circle is interesting me. What is the best method to cut in the half-circle indentations in the upper yellow circle? And finally: How did you attach the cylinders and cones at the curved base smoothly?

    • crew

      I'll be honest, I'm struggling to write out an explanation concisely. It's really not tricky to do, no special tricks, but I could show you in like 10 minutes if we were on stream lol.

      Actually maybe remind me of this during my next stream and I'll do a little demo!

    • Thanks, Kent, I'll remind you during your next stream 🙂. I suppose that it's above all a matter of doing operations in the right order. Especially making the holding edges flow around the indentation at the bottom and creating the smooth concave arc there is something I'm having problems with.

    • theluthier I've just seen that Jonathan Williamson created the "CG Cookie Orb"  here using "Retopology". This certainly  makes it easier to create slight indentations with well defined beveled edges than directly with "Subsurf Modeling".