Luna Szymanska (lunas)

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Trouble with Rivet translation forward

Hello Wayne,

I'm struggling with the Rivet translation forward using Cycles with offset modifier. When I did exactly as you have I did not get the same result, At first it seems ok but after a while you can see that the legs are constantly moving forward/backward a little bit every cycle. The furthest I got with no problems is for both feet moving exactly the same, after that I start to struggle. I can have Rivet walk normally without the cycles with offset modifier but I cant seems to make the offset the same on both legs and Torso so the cycles with offset works.

  • crew

    Hey Luna,

    It sounds like you don't have the start and the end values matched up correctly.  The problem might be that it moves a value of (for example) 1.2 units each step, but that is from the contact to contact, and the foot actually stays on the ground past this (somewhere around the down position or later).

    This can be a little confusing to find the problem but once you do, I know you will retain the solution so it won't be a problem in the future.

    Keep going Luna, you can do it!