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Multiball rig options gone, Only blue ball will show

I am using 2.9. I can import the rig, and model and it works. But I can't change the ball to a different ball. The Rig UI won't show up. The UI shows and works if I open the file, but not if I link it in. Any thoughts? 

  • crew

    If you are linking the rig in, you also need to link in the UI script.  Blender no longer can automatically bring this along when you link anymore.

    So just do this in exactly the same way as how you link in the Rig Collection, except rather than going to the collections folder go to Text folder and link in the script.

    Hope that helps.

  • Thanks Wayne, 

    I linked the script, went to the text editor and had the load the script there. Then click the play button in the script window. Man, Blender does make somethings hard :)  

    If someone else is having a problem you can find it here: https://i.imgur.com/LOdAbH9.png