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Rigging Piero's Wing III: Duerer's Progress

This is Piero's "Wing Ring" with "Copy Scale Constraints":

  • The "Curling":

    And the "Twisting":

  • My "Piero Wing Rig" can be found here.

    theluthier and waylow Could you please test it 😉?

  • crew

    I'm not familiar with what stage this is in course but the wings look like they are working correctly.

    Although, from the images I can see that there is some parenting that leads to the root bone (which should be the way that it works), however, in the file nothing is parented to the root bone.

    Did you accidentally clear this?  If so, just make sure the root of each relevant section is parented to the Root bone.

    But other than that it is looking correct.

    • Thank you, waylow 😀! I've downloadad the file from Dropbox and opened it with Blender 2.90 which I use for editing my Piero. The "Relationship Lines" to the "Root Bone" are displayed. Did you maybe turn off their visibility in the "Overlays"?

      The wings are now completely rigged with all "Constraints" and "Drivers" in place. Next stop is the completion of the left leg's rig here.

    • crew

      Hi Igmar.

      Yes I usually have the relationship lines turned off but that is not the issue.

      If you grab the root bone in the version for download, nothing is parented to it.

      However, if it's working in your current version that's fine.

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    • crew

      Hmm, I'm not sure if the video uploaded or not.

      It's just a quick video showing that when you move the root bone, nothing follows along (and the relationships lines are enabled too)

    • waylow The "Relationship Lines" are running from the "Control Points" of the  "MCH_armSpline.L" curve to the origin of the "Armature" named "rig" since these points have "Hook Modifiers" which connect them to bones of the "rig".

      After having moved the "Root Bone" away from the "Armature's" origin:

      The "Hook Modifiers" on "MCH_armSpline.L" :