Ingmar Franz (duerer)

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Texturing the Eyes: Duerer's Progress

Final rendering of Piero for this Chapter:

Cycles Render Time:   7 Minutes   40.32 Seconds

Piero is now ready for being rigged 😀🐦!

  • Okay, here yet another rendering 😉 with Cycles:

    Render Time:   6 Minutes   54.81 Seconds

    The full size version of this rendering is in my gallery.

  • crew

    That's looking great duerer! The red overall is vibrant and consistent. Nice and feathery 👏

  • Thanks, theluthier 😀! I'm looking forward to the rigging since I want to see this bird flying .... ahem 🙄 ... or at lest walking and grimacing 😉😁!

  • Two notes concerning rendering in Blender 2.90:

    1) "Preview Render Viewport Shading"

    a) With my CPU used for the calculation, it get what I expected:

    b) With my GPU (NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060), I get the "Invisible Bird":

    Trying to do a final rendering (F12), I get the error message "Failed to create CUDA context (Launch exceeded timeout)".

    2) If you instance a collection (as I did with the two feather sets covering Piero's main body (in contrast the the larger wing, tail and crown feathers) and want to avoid that the original feathers are in the final rendering you can't simply turn off the "Camera Icon" in the "Outliner" since this would also turn the instances invisible. 

    Instead you need to right click in the „Outliner“ on the „Collection“ you wish to hide in the final rendering and select „View Layer“ => „Disable from View Layer“ (Shortcut „E“ with the „Collection“ selected in the „Outliner“; enable the visibility in renderings again with „ALT + E"):

    (see also theses posts here and here on

  • Piero is really looking strange 😉 when switching to "Material Preview Viewport Shading" (=EEVEE):

    1) Without lighting from the "Scene":

    2) With "Scene Lighting":