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Drakenreiter's Blender Progress

Shark sculpt followup

I decided to do a bit more with that sculpt and the follow video to the course by theluthier was a huge help of course. Wasn't as interested in turning it into an animation so I focused on getting a cool wallpaper out of it instead. If I may, the artstation link as well:

  • crew

    Fantastic result ddrakenreiter! I'm so glad you chose a unique shark and created the underwater scene for it. Awesome job 👏

    Also thanks for plugging CGC in your artstation description :)

  • Treasure Chest

    I can finally show this, it is done! This one was very fun and I learned new things and made use of previous things I learned. jlampel 's shading and lighting courses helped quite a bit in the final stages. Of course, thank you theluthier for the course itself!

    4 renders + 3D view available here:

    I meant to redo the first 2 as I cleaned up the texture around those hinges (what was I even thinking?!)and made those changes to the lantern light. However, my PC started having some issues, exactly yesterday when I was getting the renders. Until I get to the bottom of it and fix it, I'm not sure I'll be able to make much stuff.

  • Teddy's Room

    I fixed my PC after my last post, had to replace my power supply. I am back with something a bit different! I was watching various tutorials by BlenderGuru on Youtube and ended up putting this together: (closeup animation and shot inside)

  • Hello, I am still around! May have not looked like it, but yeah... Cyberpunk 2077 released and got so into it that I couldn't really do much else until I finished it. In any case, I started making this before it released and I finished it now:

    Be sure to check out the main render in here:

    jlampel I would like to know what you especially think of that one, really happy with how the lighting and materials came together!

    Got some ideas on what to work next. I would also like to finally come back to doing some courses here... There's just so much time in a day! :(

    • crew

      I like it! I immediately said, "Oh, that's cool" when I opened the link.  It took a little bit for me to notice the arms, so the lightsabers looked like they were just floating there next to the faceplate. Once I noticed the arms and that they were crossed it made the pose make sense instead of feeling awkward.  So, I'd probably add more contrast there to bring some attention but beyond that I think it works well. You might also want to consider less mist directly below the helmet because it does look like it's floating there without being attached to anything. If it was darker in that area it would just be assumed to be shadows instead. 

      Nice work and hope that helps! 

    • Hmm, I get that... I did have the density of the mist in general lower initially and I played around with different values on both the gradient I had going and the density itself, a lot. In the end that's the render I liked the most. I wanted the shape to be more suggestive than anything, as the whole idea for that shot was a second thought, so I wanted something relatively quick with cloth simulation and some basic hands. It turned into the main shot of this piece though because I really liked it. I do wish I had put more effort into that side and used less mist, but I wanted to call it with this one and move onto something else heh. I do hope I get to make Darth Revan in his entirety one day (maybe when I'm more comfortable with  sculpting things), because there's a lot more to his design than what I used in  this piece.

  • Back with another piece, this time inspired a lot by Josh Gambrell's videos on hard surface modelling, as I was playing through Metal Gear Solid 5. This is the most fun I've had so far actually modelling, very cool workflow! What wasn't so fun was wasting like 1.5 days trying to bake some decent textures at the end of everything, for using on Sketchfab, as this time I really didn't want all my work on the materials to go to waste once uploaded there. In the end I got something decent going. Spent today having some fun animating a "parts explosion" and getting the renders out. Very proud of this one, actually put in a ton of work in it... maybe even pushed myself too much at certain points (looking at you sleepless night!).

    More renders, 3d view and animation here: