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i have downloaded 2.80 _exercise_ 11 but cant see stomp in the view port .PFA link for reference Link For reference

i have downloaded 2.80 _exercise_ 11 but can't see "stomp" in the view port ??

plz help me on this ,i don't want to get stuck here.

  • crew

    Hi Subha,

    It looks like the link to the rig is broken.

    This might be because you are launching everything from a TEMP location on your hard drive.

    The linking is relative so it can't find the location of the rig files.

    Try saving the file and linking in the character like I do in the videos.

    But I'm not sure if I included any starting exercise files for that one. I think the idea was to force you to do it yourself to learn the process.  But maybe I did.


      Tried linking the saved file and run the script. PFA link for reference

      But i failed,plz suggest.


    • Hey Wayne,

      I got it, thanks for the cooperation though.

      i do understand Stomp_rig but what is Stomp and Stomp_GEO means??

       And what is Euler??

    • Hi subha,

      I don't know anything about Stomp, although Stomp_GEO is probably the mesh (geometry) that makes up the character.

      Euler (Leonhard Euler, mathematician) is the name given to a specific way of describing rotations in 3D:

      it consists of three consecutive rotation around the 3 axes in a specific order.

      Three numbers are given that represent the three angles, how much to rotate around each axis in the order that is previously decided upon.

      For instance: a YZX Euler of 30°, 45°, 60°,  will first rotate 30° around the Y-axis, followed by 45° around the Z-axis and finally 60° around the X-axis.

      Sounds easy and logically, but there are some problems with this method and there are other ways to describe 3D rotations...

      Depending on the situation one might be better of using an other method. (Do not (yet) ask what the other method is!)

    • crew

      The collections that you link in are the names you see.

      STOMP is the master collection
      Stomp_GEO is the collection that holds the geometry (mesh)

      You want to Link in the master collection (STOMP)

      and then make a proxy of the rig (so you can move the geo).  That is called "Stomp_rig".

      None of this is simple, it's 3d art after all, but once you get your head around it, it will become second nature.