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Starting An Animation Studio Company

What is required and needed to start an animation company and be successful?

I have always had passion for animation and now i think is the time for me to start my own animation company in Africa and be able to tell people African's true culture.  

Please I will need every advise I can get, every single detail is very much appreciated.

  • Well, there are some basic things in business.

    1. Know your customer.
    2. Be sure that people need your product or service. Or find a product or service that is needed.
    3. Explore market and competitors.
    4. Be good at what you do.

    So, adapting that to your plan:

    1. Who is your customer?
    2. Are you sure that your product is going to be in demand? Why would Africans buy African's true culture if they live among it and why would others buy African's true culture if they got their own? Is there an empty open niche on the market?
    3. Who else does the same thing? Are you able to surpass them in that business?
    4. Let's assume that you good at your field. Is that enough? How would you get a place on the market and keep it going (or even expand)? What is your thing? The lowest production value, the best crew, the original design? What can you offer to the customer?

    + Try to balance your expenses and income. You need a lot of money to create (and much more to advertise) so that is a very essential thing to think about.

    As soon as you answer these questions you can calculate your expenses. Then compare them with your possible income. Divide it at least by two -- there are always something unexpected that needs money. Then compare it with the income of similar studios and divide your number again cause they have customers and you are merely a beginner.
    If it still says "operational sum +" then go ahead.

  • Thanks so much for your reply