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what is the need of y location here

what is the need of Y axis here??we are just moving in X and Z axis.

  • I don't know if this answers your question.   This is a 3d animation, so you could move the ball in the y direction if you wanted to.  He only moves it in the x and z direction so you only have to think about those two, but it still needs a value.   If it was a 2d animation then you would only have the two axises.  I frequently forget that there are three axises to think about, since you only see it in 2d.   You should set the y-axis to some other constant besides 0, or set it to a line a see what happens.  Good luck, you are getting to the really fun stuff.

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    Hi Subha,

    There is a difference with Local and Global axes.  At all depends on the orientation of the controls when the rig is built.

    If you are animating the Body control, that is aligned with the world, so Local and Global are the same.

    If you are animating the stretch controls, they are aligned differently, so the Y Local is the same as Z Global.  

    I think that might be what you are referring to.

    Let me know if that doesn't make sense.