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Grease Pencil Rig

Hey there

I started to play around with riging and grease pencil a lot and I rig 3D characters at work all the time 

I saw people asking here about character trunaround rig for grease pencil

And I axactly started to do one - so I thought I share my progress

1. draw the turns - like you see I did draw the truns of the cat head in photoshop before and then used that as a reference in the back in blender - for this go to - add - image - background - select your image

then start drawing all sides - one side per keyfrae of course

2. next steps coming soon

  • Really cool 👍! I 'm looking forward to see your coming progresses 🙂!

  • 2 step!

    My middle position is on frame 10 - before frame 10 the head turns right (character view) and higher then ten it turns left.

    I have set up one grease pencil object for the head and one for the body but also one for each eyebrow since I wanted them to be easier reachable for animating.

    when you are done add a armature to the scene by adding a bone. 

    Go into edit mode with the armature and make a basic setup 

    start with a root bone in the 0,0,0 of your character, then for simplification we start with the neck bones  and the head

    they should be parented in that order

    not parented you add another bone that will be  ctrl  for your pictures - how to set this up is coming in a bit