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Female character breast shape critique

I've been struggling determining the general shape of female breasts while sculpting. 

I'd like some feedback and tips on how I can improve on sculpting the general breast shape.

  • if I were to offer some crits it would be...

    1. the seperation lines in the center are too well defined (think water balloons)...

    2. there should be more of an overall teardrop shape with the top pointed more toward the shoulders (again water balloons)...

    3. last water balloon would be the bottoms should be more evenly rounded (they seem a bit flattened in several of the views)...

    hope you find this helpful

  • Some tips:

    Anatomically speaking female breast consists of two things: firm muscular base + soft upper tissue (fat).
    To draw them correctly you have to remember two things: what's the age of your model and what's the physical condition of it.
    Younger = more round, fresh, hard. Muscles are in good shape, that shoulder - chest line is pretty clear and overall form of the breast has a good tension and volume in it.
    Older: muscles are more stretched, gravity took its tall on that soft tissue part. Overall shape is more like a wheel running down the hill.

    Here are some references: