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Rendering textured "N-Gons" without transparency faster than "Quads" with transparency?

Is it true that rendering a high amount of textured "N-Gons" without transparency is faster than the calculation of textured "Quads" with transparency?

  • I guess that depends on the amount of Vertices/ triangles the N-Gon exists of (for rendering everything is being triangulated).

    If the N-Gon has 4 Vertices, than it will of course be faster to render than a  Quad with transparency ;)

    If the N-Gon consists of 1 million Vertices, than that will render a lot slower than a Quad with transparency.

    There must therefore be an amount of Verts, which is a turning point,  where it switches which one is faster.

    It might also depend on the amount of transparent bounces...

  • crew

    Transparency can be expensive! Instancing makes no difference with that, but instancing does make a big difference with calculating geometry. It's why I chose to cut out the leaf shape here instead of using the ivy generator's quads. If it wasn't instanced and this was for a game engine rather than a path-tracer then I might have left them as a plane.