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Lighting Piero: Replacement for "Hemilights" in Blender 2.8x or 2.9x?

What can be used instead of "Hemilights" in Blender 2.8x or 2.9x for lighting Piero while painting the "Bump Texture"?

  • Area light and turn shadows off, maybe?

    • Thanks, ppaulhaynes1955, that's what I've thought at first, too. But is  an "Hemilight" is like a "Light Dome" emitting light from the inner side of one half of a sphere. And this light can easily be moved like an object. I also thought at using background lighting. But setting this up isn't as easy as simply adding an "Hemilight" and placing and rotating it until it fits. I'm wondering why this has been removed from Blender.  

    • I've seen setups with point lamps instanced to the vertices of one half of an "Icosphere" but handling this is of course not as elegant as just having a simple "Hemisphere" object. But I think, ppaulhaynes1955 , that "Area Lights" and shadows turned off will do the job best.

    • So, this is my lighting setup for painting Piero's "Bump Map":

      Two "Area Lights" illuminating the left and the right side of Piero have their "Shadow" panel unchecked so that they don't cast any "Cube Map Shadows" and "Contact Shadows" in "Material Preview Viewport Shading" (=EEVEE). In the "Viewport Shading" diaologue box, "Scene World" and "Scene Lights" (see upper right corner of the image above) have to be checked so that only the light sources in the scene are used for calculating the lighting.

      PS: There're nevertheless shadows which can be seen with the darker shading for example in the corners of the mouth. How are they called? With "Shadow" checked for the "Area Lights", it would look like this: