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(CHALLENGE 2 NOW OPEN) CG Cookie's Epic Pumpkin Challenges Part 1 - ! Are you in? 🎃

Heyo! 👋 It's that time of year again, and CG Cookie is bringing back our Epic Pumpkin Challenges for the month of October!

Quick Summary
: 2 Pumpkin-themed Blender challenges
When: Challenge # is CLOSED. The second challenge starts soon...
Why: to challenge yourself! No prizes this time.
Read below for more info...

Over the years, the cookie community has crafted memorable pumpkins in Blender that still make us check to make sure the doors are locked at night.

Cyberpumpk by Edwin Hernandez

This year, the challenge is a two-parter, for an added pumpkiny twist.

It's not a contest

We're not calling it a contest.

Why? Because, frankly, I don't feel that contests get to the root of why we do what we do. I like challenges - an opportunity to conquer a task without the reward of a fancy prize.

You do it for you, and you alone...and your only opponent is your past self (he said, in his best Mr. Miyagi impersonation).

Internal motivation > external motivation of a reward. 🙏

Yes, we will pick our favorite pumpkins, but...

Our content crew will pick their 4 favorites - in no particular order. So there will be no 1st, 2nd, 3rd place...just 4 pumpkins which warmed our hearts - and retinas - with their special orange glow.

We're not giving away a Tesla Model X, or a deck of cards.

So go ahead and challenge yourself! Your reward will be your own satisfaction of overcoming restraints and proving to YOU that you can do it.

How the two pumpkin challenges work: 

There are two challenges planned for this month.

They will be published here on the CG Cookie community forum (the 1st challenge is already below), with the constraints: rules, deadlines, and how to actively participate.

You'll have just over a week to complete the challenge, share your WIPs and upload your final result to the CG Cookie gallery.

Are you in? Let's get carving! Your first challenge - if you choose to accept it - is below:

Challenge #1 Carve Model an epic pumpkin in Blender: 

In our first challenge, you're asked to create an epic carved pumpkin in Blender that would make a Rancor shutter in fear, 

Rules for a successful carve:  

  • Use Blender: this will come in handy for the 2nd challenge! You may create textures in other software, but everything else must be made in Blender.
  • The pumpkin must be a freshly created one, of your own creation. The use of 3rd party models is not allowed.
  • You must submit your result to the CG Cookie gallery no later than October 12th, Midnight CDT. Your submission must include your final render - for extra kudos, also share your WIP renders and a Sketchfab scene (though this is not a must).
  • Make sure to add your social media handels (FB, Insta and Twitter) to your profile, so we can tag you in case your pumpkin gets picked in the top 4.
  • Your pumpkin must be transportable, meaning it should be possible to pick it up and carry it. What would work: a pumpkin placed within a scene. What wouldn't work: a pumpkin which is just one part of a larger object, not separate from it.
  • Bonus Tip (Not a must) You're encouraged to create a WIP pumpkin carving thread for both challenges. Using the format: [Epic Pumpkins 2020 Challenge WIP thread - Pumpkin's name]

How we'll rate your pumpkin: 

The CG Cookie crew: Kent, Wayne, Lampel, and Wes will review and pick our favorite 4 pumpkins - these will be featured across the gallery for an entire week. Four, because, well, that's how many fit across the top. 😅

  • These four pumpkins will also be shared on CG Cookie's Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook with the artist's social media accounts tagged 
  • 500 XP points awarded to the top 4 chosen.

If you'd like to participate, get to creating! 

You only have a short amount of time to get the first round of Blender pumpkins submitted to the CG Cookie Gallery.

Make sure to this thread and subscribe to notifications.

Challenge #2: Smash your carefully crafted pumpkin in an epic way! 

Leaning on the power of Blender's particles and dynamics you're now challenged with destroying your creation in the wildest and pumpkin particle smashing way.

Restrictions and tips for a successful carve:  

  • Building off of Challenge 01, (note the rule to be able to transport your pumpkin) now launch your pumpkin into destruction a particle physicist would be proud of. Using Blender's built-in physics engine and dynamics smash your pumpkin into bits! 
  • Render a 30-second video of this taking place: make it look amazing, add sound effects, and go big! 
  • Add your progress to your already established WIP community thread on the site, 
  • Submissions to the challenge must be published to the CG Cookie gallery no later than October 28th, 11:59pm CDT (Chicago). In your submission include the 30-second video you uploaded to Youtube, tagging, and linking to CG Cookie. Along with any WIP shots you'd like to include. 
  • If you didn't participate in challenge 1, you may still enter challenge #2. Keeping in mind you still must create a new pumpkin of your creating. No stock models please. 

How judging works: 

Similar to challenge one the CGC crew will work to turn around the voting quickly so the top four animations may be featured all Halloween weekend long! 

  • The CG Cookie crew: Kent, Wayne, Lampel, and Wes will review and pick the top four pumpkins to be featured across the gallery for an entire week.
  • These four pumpkins will be social'd on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook with the artist's social media accounts tagged, 
  • 1000 XP points awarded to the top four chosen, 
  • All winners of the challenges will also be featured on our blog post, post mortem contest post, going down in history.

Happy Blending!

- Wes