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Stomp walk cycle feedback

Here is my wip on the stomp walk cycle:

I like the front view but I have a feeling something is wrong in the side view and I can't figure out exactly what is it.
So I like to have some feedback to be able to fix it before animating the antenna.


  • crew

    Hey Franckinator,

    Good stuff mate.

    I have some comments for you but can you post your future updates as an exercise (even if it's a WIP)

    That makes it easier for me to find and keep track of them.

    Don't feel bad if you are submitting the same exercise as a new version each time, that is the best solution at the moment until the system is upgraded later this year (*fingers crossed*)

    Right, here's some notes for you.

    Front view:

    -delay the head side to side just slightly  (with the curve handles - don't shift any keys around) . At the moment I think the foot needs to get there a little more before the head and its weight arrives (I hope that makes sense)

    Side View:

    Yeah it's the knees.  (which are really friggin hard to deal with haha)

    Have a look how the knee bends from f08--11ish.  Can you see how this create a weird stutter on the path of the knee,

    I think the solution for this is to lower the amount the heel is raising and really control it on every frame.

    The other thing you can do is on f18.  Try pointing the whole foot more towards where is came from as it peels off the ground.  Or at the very least, shift the spacing back so it doesn't pop forward so far on this frame (slow out)

    Hope that helps - but it has been really good to see your skills grow.

    Keep it up.

  • Arigato Senseï !

    Ok I'll post directly as an exercice each time.

    Make sense for the head movement and I'm going to try my best for the feet/knee.

    I still have one question:
    When uploading an exercice video, is it better to have a few cycle or only one loop is ok?
    Because with the vimeo video player I don't find an option to loop the video.

  • crew

    You can loop the video a couple times (rather than just once).  That makes it easier.

    That means you can do it two ways in blender.

    1.  Use cycle modifiers on the controls and then render out the animation so it does a couple of loops.

    2. Duplicate the video (or image sequence) a couple of times in an external video editor (or the VSE) to make it longer.

    Let me know it that doesn't make sense.  I've done a video somewhere on CGC that shows this.  But I can't seem to find it at this present moment haha

  • I already used both so perfect for me Sir !