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Can File View layout be saved?

When the File View is open there are a series of sub-windows down the left side showing Volumes, System, Recents, and Favorites. There are click-and-drag handles on each of these which enable one to arrange the windows as one likes.

However, no matter what I've tried the windows reset after closing the file viewer.

What needs to be done to make these "stick" in the desired order?

I should note that I do seem to be having an ongoing issue with the File View (and Preferences window) as described here: - I don't believe the two issues are related (I'm sure I'm just missing an important step in saving layout) but I thought I should mention it just in case.

Also - If anyone can suggest a work-around for the latter issue I posted on the Blender dev forum (see link above) I am all ears. It is incredibly frustrating but I understand it's currently a low priority issue for the devs.