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Is there a rule when six-poles are acceptable/unavoidable? (Modeling Piero's claws)

theluthier, you're creating a six-pole on Piero's left claw (right side view). When are these six-poles acceptable or even necessary?

  • theluthier Okay, I've heard you saying within the first minute of your next lesson that you want to fix this six-pole. But I would like to hear your answer to my question independently of modeling Piero.

    • crew

      I wouldn't say there's any firm *rules* about 5+ poles and where they can or cannot be located in a mesh topology. Generally you want to avoid them in highly-deforming areas like a joint (elbow, shoulder, ankle etc). But the higher density the mesh the less consequential 5+ poles becomes.

      In the case of Piero's body, the topology is actually much less important since it's completely covered in feathers. But I try to keep it best practices regardless. Practically it means that I can accept a pole or triangle with less worry.