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Inherit scale - export to unity

Hey there

we build rigs in Blender for various characters (often used rigify) 

the problem we ran in the most was that after the FBX export the animations in unity behaved weird.

vor example scaled bones weirdly.

we tried to set all bones to "scale: inherit: none"

but most of the time the problem still occured

We heard it should have been fixed in a version? but even in the newest blender version we have the same mistakes. The bones inherit scale from parent bones and then it destroys the animations. 

our workaround now is to make an rig with the same bones where all bones are parented to a root bone and a script running that copies the aniamtions from the aniamtion rig to the export rig.

And then we dont have scale errors.

However I think this is very very unhandy- so does anyone know a better solution for this?

  • Hi, 

    I do not have any experience exporting, but if I am not mistaken, the problem is FBX. This is closed source and is being changed by the owner all the time....

    There is a lot of work done by the Blender developers (mainly dr. Sybren Stuyvel, I think) to get better formats.

    By the sound of it USD is very promising, but is not yet complete. 

    Could you use Alembic? 

    • hey thanks for the answer

      I only heard about alembic so I tried to export my rig with that

      checked the file in Unity and its empty  or at least there is nothing I can do with it.

      I would need to be able to se ethe rig and the character/mesh 

      or are there some special export setups for alembic? 

      what does it normally do when you export it into an engine? 

      I dont know which other format could be of use for animation export. 

      I guess fbx is the only one that support aniamtion in game engines? 

    • ojh okay what I didnt know - I could actually see the blendfile in unity 

      and in unity it shows the aniamtion scaled strangely again while it is correct when I open it in blender

      so the problem is not the fbx

      it's may be unity or still  the rig that connects strangely