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Most recent piece:

  • First one is a sofa I made with the help of a tutorial.

    It´s not perfect, but overall I´m satisfied.

    Any tips on how to make the render look more realistic?

    • Already looking great 👍, especially the cushions, the fabric textures and the lighting! I would just edit the proportions. Imagine three persons sitting on that sofa: The seating surface could be lifted a little bit and the arm supports could be thicker. The "feet" of the sofa seem to be too thin given the weight of the sofa and the maximum number of persons who can sit on it. A reference person built from mesh primitives could maybe help getting the proportions right. I know this can be tricky and it's certainly easy saying for me. I hope this helps and I'm looking forward to your future renderings 😀.

    • duerer Thanks for the feedback! I made the seating a bit thicker and the sofa looks a lot more comfy now :D The  feet are a bit broader as well. I didn´t want to change the arm support since it´s really close to the source image. The human model is 1.75m and I think the proportions of the sofa are right. I used blueprints while modelling, so I would be suprised if they were off.

      Anything else I could do? :)

    • This looks fantastic! I've been meaning to run through that tutorial as well, the cloth work is something I'm not familiar with yet. I don't have anything to add, the proportions look right and appears very comfortable! Keep pushing forward!

    • With the model, it looks really cool! Now the eyes have a reference to judge the proportions better. I'm still convinced that the arm supports are too thin for their purpose, but if the designer wanted it like this, then it's totally okay for you to model them with this thickness. If I met the designer I would have something to tell him about comfort 😉😁. The cushions nevertheless are really inviting to take a seat 😀.

      PS: Did you create the model yourself?

    • antonioc Thank you very much :) Making furniture is pretty fun, you should try it!

      duerer The cushions on the side are for the comfort :D 

      No, I didn´t creat the model. I used "Body Chan and Body Kun" from the Turbosquid site. Those are two rigged models which are normally meant to be used as drawing reference :)

    • really great looking sofa, and as they mentioned that human reference do help to have a clear idea how it looks with a human in the sofa. 

      wonderfull work on the model and texturing :D
      as for Body Chan and Body Kun are they free to use ? they sure are handy for proportions :D

    • yyukinoh1989 Hey Yukinoh! Thank you very much :)

      Body Chan and Kun are CC-0, so they are free to use! 

      Here´s the Link:

      Body Chan and Body Kun

    • thank you , this can help a lot when modeling objects like a kitchen , livingroom, bathroom....

  • Hey there :) 

    My current work in progress is this bust. I wanted to improve my skills modeling human heads, since I never did this before -or at least never suceeded when trying.

    I sculpted the head and made a retopo. The hair is made with curves and is pretty much finished for now. 

    Now I´m going to work on the head some more, texture it, give her eyelashes and proper pupils. I also wanna try to give her furry animal ears, since she is based off of one of my drawings - the one with the said fox girl :)

  • I tweaked my retopo quiet a bit and started with texture painting :)

    I´m making veeeery slow progress, since I´m only able to spend 1 hour every other day on it, university is pretty stressful this year D:

  • here´s the final render :)

    • Looks great👍!

    • well done, it looks really great.
      for the upper lip is it supposed to look dark?
      i really love that fabric (is it done with procedual texturing ? )

      then you have those ears , looking so nice , kinda want to touch them :D

      the skin and eyes texturing also are great.

      and then we have that hair :D great work again , did you make use of hair particles or some other way for that result?

      overall a really great work you created. just lovely =D
      i look forward to see more

    • yyukinoh1989 

      The model is based off my drawing of Fox-girl. She´s wearing black lip stick on the top lip!

      Yes, I used procedual texture for the fabric :) I got some diffuse, roughness, normal and displacement textures from a site which offers free pbr materials and adjusted the size rotation and so on for the shirt.

      Thank you! I used a real face as base for the skin texturing, to make it look more natural. It´s basically a mixture of using the picture of the face as stencil and handpainting. 

      The hair is made out of curves with a special shader which make it appear to have strands at the end. I used this tutorial for it : Hair from Curves and special hair shader .

      Thanks for the praise! I´m really proud of the model myself :)

    • you really can be proud of it :D hope when my character is finished it will look as good as this :D

    • yyukinoh1989 I bet it will! You can achieve sooooo much with good texturing

  • My current WIP based on this concept by Amini101 :)

    I´m still trying to figure out what´s the best way translating her face to 3D... I think I´ll take a more stylized approach

  • Took a break from Minoo, the cat, and followed the stylized 3D forest course :) 

    I pretty much followed the course and will make my own version later for the exercise submission!

  • Hey there :D
    I was finally able to utilize Blender for an university project! :D

    We had to make a branding and packaging design for tea and make packshots. Since erverything is online right now, presentation included, I asked if I can make my package in Blender instead of crafting it by hand. 

    I also made a turntable and demonstration how the package opens :) 

    • Great idea! Blender has so many uses :) 

    • Wow, very well done. I love those materials, for me those little boxes read as cardboard and the pots as clay.


    • ttobles 

      Thank you! 

      The pot wasn´t made by me. It was a free model from Blendswap. I made the packaging model and the "table". The table is just a plain with some wood texturel with bump map and rough map :) 

      I thought the presentation would be a bit nicer with a bit of scenery instead of showing the packs in front of a white background.

    • That decision with the scenery is defenetly a good idea, makes a good package in my opinion.

      While I'm looking at it (again ;D) I was wondering a little about that rectangle in the shadow. Is that correct at this place (green circle)?


    • No, the rectangle is not correct, but I don´t know what caused it either... I moved the Sencha package, but the rectangle didn´t go away.... 

    • great work, i also noticed that little spot with some lightning (this make it looks like its somehow floating above the table :p) 

      guess i should drink some of that :D 

      is the box connected well with the table ? or maybe a certain light course is causing that spot of light? 

      but again great work on the scene, its wonderfull and fun how there can be formed an image when folding the parts to close the box :D

    • yyukinoh1989 even when I move the box into the table, the little spot of light remains. It only dissappears, when I close the right  or back tab of the box .... I really don´t get why it´s happening D: 

      buuuut! Lucky for me, the "mood shot" wasn´t what was important for the project. The design and ideas behind the packaging itself were and my teachers really liked it :D

    • that indeed is strange xD 

      but most important thing is that the teachers loved the result , and that indeed is amazing :D

    • Hi,

      I've never rendered anything, but I couldn't stop thinking about this. Somehow I have that bulletpoint "normal" in my head. Are the normals pointing in the correct locations ?


    • ttobles 


      the normals are facing inwards, because I had issues with the textures when they were flipping outside. 

      But I just flipped the normals after I read your comment and the light square still remained. I also applied all the modifiers, but nothing changed. The issue must be somewhere else...

    • fide this is Eevee you are using probably.

      Look at the Cascade Size in the Shadows Settings:


      High res:

      Even worse:

      I'm not an Eevee user, but jlampel has mentioned this and also how to fix these issues. I think it was in his Fundamentals of Lighting course, but I'm not sure.

    • spikeyxxx 

      Yeah, that´s eevee. Setting the cascade Size up to 4k does nothing in my case besides making the shadow look sharp instead of soft. 

      I need to check out the Fundamentals of Lightning course anyway, so maybe I find a solution in there :) 

      Thanks for helping!

    • crew

      First off, beautiful packaging! I would definitely buy that tea. 

      As for the shadow, check out how far away it starts from the mesh:

      To fix that, turn the light's Bias setting down.  It may solve the other problem as well.

      Here's the chapter Spikey is thinking of, hopefully the three lessons on shadows will clear everything up. Switching Over to Eevee - CG Cookie 

    • jlampel 

      Hey there! 

      Thank you very much :D 

      Changing the bias setting didn´t do anything, but checking "contact shadows" in the light´s settings did the trick! 

      Thanks everyone for the help!

  • I´m currently working on the apocalyptical vehicle, since I never really did hard surface modelling and the company I want to apply at has it as one of their requirements :) 

    Since they work with VR and games and such, I wanted to make the car low poly.

    So I did a retopo and baked the normals from the high poly model to the low poly

    Next step is to texture it in Substance painter :) 

    The whole thing was a lot of work for me, since I first had to get familiar with hard surface modelling, never did a retopoly of such a large object, never UV unwrapped so many objects and never baked normals. Whew....

    The high poly model has 495.432 triangles and the low poly 8.308.

    I first didn´t want to include this particular model in my application since I made it with the help of a tutorial and wanted to make one on my own after finishing the tut, but one of my teachers stressed me to apply for the job as soon as possible... :/
    Do you think it´s wrong or problematic to include a model which you made with the help of a tutorial in your job application?

    • Hey fide,

      that is a toughy. I guess I would include it together with other pieces of work that I've done myself. Not as a singleton.

      As far as I understood you, there hasn't been a lot of hard surface stuff you did on your own, but now you want to turn in this direction. The company you want to apply to, has this topic as ONE of their requirements.
      So, if you meet other requirements I think you could put this one in your application and point out, that you are going into this direction right now.
      BUT this is just my opinion, and I'm not experienced in this industry and how to apply for jobs here.


    • Hey ttobles,
      Thanks for your reply!

      Yeah, you understood me perfectly :) That´s the first hard surface model I did. And of course will I include my other non hard-surface models as well, since the overall requirement of the company is to be able to make game-ready assets.

      I talked with my husband about including the model in the application and his point was: As long as I didn´t follow or copy the tutorial 1:1 and am able to utilize the skills I´ve learned via the tutorial in other projects, it´s fine to include it.

  • Phew, I´m done with the car.

    Overall, I´m pretty satisfied with it :)

    Now it´s tiem to put the application together

  • Phew, it´s been a looooong time since I touched Blender D:
    I started with a little sculpting exercise and try to practice on a regular basis again, same goes for drawing :)

  • Some more results from the sculpting course. The instructor showed various ways of creating new topology while sculpting

    Dynamic Typology:

    Voxel Remesher:

    Multires Modifier: 

  • and another one for the sculpting course :) 

    Zach, the instructor, provided us a base mesh and we had to use it to sculpt a monster.
    I spent a bit more time on this, since I wanted to 3D print the dude as a test. He´s printed in D&D miniature size, but the details got lost, so I´m going to print him a bit bigger. I also need to get more familiar with 3D printing, which settings to use for support, how to post-process my models. So on and so forth :)

  • I was quiet busy with other things, so my blender progress slowed a bit down D: 

    I´m still following Zach´s sculpting course and finished the retopology of the cute creature today.

    Retopology isn´t such a hassle as it once once for me anymore :)

  • Update on my cute creature :) 

    I started the detailing phase

  • I started to sculpt the fur :) Gonna adjust the fur on the head some more, around the eyes for example, and will continue with the body tomorrow. 

    I´m amazed that my 5 year old laptop can handle that sculpt. I´m at 16 mio vertices right now and it works just fine! Multires is magic :D 

  • Sculpting the fur manually.... and I might redo the fur on the front, since I don´t like the look. Oh, and I already redid the front part once... :´)

  • The new Sculpt Vertex Colors in Blender 3.0 is awesome! 

    And now it´s time to Vertex Paint my cute creature <3 <3 <3

  • Cursed image :D :D :D

  • I´m finally done with my Cute Creature sculpt from Zachs Course <3 

    Actually, I´m done since last weekend, but wasn´t able to render the final images, because my computer was too weak. Luckily, we got some real powerhouses at work and I was able to finish the project there :D 

    Clay Shader Renders:

    Colored Render:

  • Next project is in the making! 

    I try to make a game ready character. She´s going to be an elven priest :)

    So far I :

    • made the sculpt
    • retopologized it
    • added Details with the muslti res modifier
    • baked the details onto the low poly model


    Low Poly Model:

    Wireframe Comparison :)