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Fide ´s Polybook

I´m reopening my polybook to track my Blender progress :)

  • First one is a sofa I made with the help of a tutorial.

    It´s not perfect, but overall I´m satisfied.

    Any tips on how to make the render look more realistic?

    • Already looking great 👍, especially the cushions, the fabric textures and the lighting! I would just edit the proportions. Imagine three persons sitting on that sofa: The seating surface could be lifted a little bit and the arm supports could be thicker. The "feet" of the sofa seem to be too thin given the weight of the sofa and the maximum number of persons who can sit on it. A reference person built from mesh primitives could maybe help getting the proportions right. I know this can be tricky and it's certainly easy saying for me. I hope this helps and I'm looking forward to your future renderings 😀.

    • duerer Thanks for the feedback! I made the seating a bit thicker and the sofa looks a lot more comfy now :D The  feet are a bit broader as well. I didn´t want to change the arm support since it´s really close to the source image. The human model is 1.75m and I think the proportions of the sofa are right. I used blueprints while modelling, so I would be suprised if they were off.

      Anything else I could do? :)

    • This looks fantastic! I've been meaning to run through that tutorial as well, the cloth work is something I'm not familiar with yet. I don't have anything to add, the proportions look right and appears very comfortable! Keep pushing forward!

    • With the model, it looks really cool! Now the eyes have a reference to judge the proportions better. I'm still convinced that the arm supports are too thin for their purpose, but if the designer wanted it like this, then it's totally okay for you to model them with this thickness. If I met the designer I would have something to tell him about comfort 😉😁. The cushions nevertheless are really inviting to take a seat 😀.

      PS: Did you create the model yourself?

    • antonioc Thank you very much :) Making furniture is pretty fun, you should try it!

      duerer The cushions on the side are for the comfort :D 

      No, I didn´t creat the model. I used "Body Chan and Body Kun" from the Turbosquid site. Those are two rigged models which are normally meant to be used as drawing reference :)