When extruding the lid planks, and doing Alt+S, I get planks without side faces.

Basically, decided to re-do the tutorial just for practice, and got this problem.


Linked the project file with lid planks just before the Extrude.

This time I can't find a solution, and it creates more and more problems when I'm trying to fix those faces by filling. Any tips? Thanks!!

  • Hi Bohdan, you have a classical case of 'double vertices'.

    Press M > Merge by Distance (with the lid selected) and it will 'remove' 18 vertices and then everything should work as expected.

    • Wow, I totally forgot about this..... Many thanks!


      It seems it still doesn't work in my case. It removes 26 vertices and I still got open planks... But when I re-create the lid part anew, it works.... weird stuff