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Another snapping question (sorry)

So I was having issues I couldn't seem to resolve with this a while  back, and I actually had to walk away from this particular module because I was getting so frustrated. I was having issues with blender doing strange things that were making it difficult for me to do what is shown in the videos.

I had asked questions before but I didn't seem to work out the issue completely. 

 I'm back at it again and I've stumbled back into one of the same old issues I had originally and that is my snapping isn't working as advertised. I went through the other questions and  tried some of the other fixes I've seen, however I have not found a fix yet. I have the same selections highlighted and when I try to snap to vertex , the object I'm scaleing goes nuts. It's supposed to only scale y as that is what I'm after at this time (though it does it doesn't  matter what axis I'm using) and as is shown in my video, I get some odd behavior from blender. 

Now I can obviously just zoom in and eyeball it and move on but I know that these tools are needed to really be able to work at a productive pace and I also know that not understanding how to do this will eat at me in the long run, I really want to understand what I've got going on and how to use the tool as it should be. 

Here is a video of the issue that I'm having. 

If anyone can see what it is that I'm doing wrong here please help me. I love this course and blender but this is a tripping point I have to figure out to move forward. Thanks in advance to everyone!